Advanced Specialty Lighting (ASL)
Manufacturer of xenon short arc cinema lamps for the entertainment, industrial and scientific markets.
Advanced Strobe Products, Inc.
Manufacturer and designer of strobe lamps and related products for the aerospace, photographic, vehicular warning, beacon, and machine industries.
Amorphous Materials Inc (AMI)
Producer of infrared transmitting fibers and lenses.
Atlantic Vision
Provides glass optical fiber products used in telecommunications, data, medical, and multimedia markets.
Manufacturer of saturable absorber mirrors, photoconductive antennas for Terahertz systems and customized growth of GaAs devices.
Boston Applied Technologies, Incorporated
Manufactures a variety of photonic materials and components for telecommunication and instrumentation applications.
Producer of optical fibers, including those in bundles and assemblies, and related components.
Corning Optical Fiber
Producer of fiber products for variety of applications. Part of telecommunications segment of Corning company.
CT Fiberoptics
A producer of fiberoptics for medical, dental, and industrial needs.
DIAS Infrared Systems
Designer and manufacturer of customized infrared cameras for industrial temperature measurement, pyroelectric infrared detectors and blackbody calibration sources. From Germany.
DSM Desotech
Researcher, formulator and manufacturer of UV/EB-curable materials for the optical fiber and media industry.
ET Enterprises
Designer and manufacturer of photomultiplier tubes for use in radiation detection and measurement devices. Includes products, company profile, and contact information.
Eubon Products
Manufacturer of xenon flash tubes, trigger coils and cold cathode fluorescent lamps.
Exotic Electro-Optics
Supplier of infrared crystals, optical components, coatings and assemblies for aerospace, commercial and defense markets.
Fiber Optic Communications, Inc.
Manufacturer of fiber optic passive components, instruments, testing systems, CATV engineering and sensing systems.
Fibercore Ltd
Manufacturer of specialty optical fibers: polarization maintaining, erbium doped, rare earth doped, bend insensitive, reduced clad, photosensitive and other fibers.
Developer and supplier of fiber components for optical transmission: attenuators, couplers, patchcords, multiplexers, etc.
Producer of optical communicational components. From Korea.
ILX Lightwave
Manufacturer of laser diode instruments and test systems including temperature controllers, drivers, optical power meters, mounting fixtures and fiber optic sources.
Industrial Fiber Optics (IFO)
IFO specializes in engineering, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of fiber optic products for automation, industrial, medical and sensor industries.
Ipitek (Integrated Photonic Technology)
Manufacturer of fiber optic transmission equipment for telecommunication, defense and avionics industries.
iTec Technologies Ltd
Manufactures optoelectronics components for data communication.
IVG Fiber
Manufacturer of optical fibers and components for sensing and telecom industries.
Full line of fiber optic tools, kits, connectors and certified training for both the commercial and Navy shipboard industry.
LaCroix Optical
Manufacturer of precision optical components for medical, scientific, industrial and military applications.
LEDs International
Manufacturer and distributor of light emitting diodes and LED-based products for lighting applications.
Manufacturer of fibre optic lighting kits, endoscopes & optical components for decorative uses and supply trade to sensory companies.
Liteye Microdisplay Systems
Manufacturer of microdisplay units for battlefield, command, augmented repair/maintenance, aviation, telemedicine, and UAV controls applications.
Metrotek Industries
Distributor of fiber optic connectors, adaptors, assemblies, test equipment, supplies and accessories.
Nanometer Technologies
Fiber optic polishers components.
New Focus Inc.
Supplier of smart optics for smart networks, tunable lasers, high speed optoelectronics, advanced passives.
Opto Diode Corp
A US-based manufacturer of LEDs, arrays, silicon photodiodes, gallium aluminum arsenide photodiodes and opto-electronic assemblies.
Optocom Corporation
Manufacturer of optical modules, passive components, fiber optic diodes, media converters and switches.
Optronic Labs
Provides both standard and custom products and services to satisfy the most demanding light measurement applications.
OZ Optics
Designer and manufacturer of fiber optic components, including sensors, high power taps, shutters, laser diodes, collimators, patchcords, etc.
Photonic Manufacturing Service Ltd
Manufacturing for fiber optics components.
Photonic Materials
A part of Saint-Gobain group and producer of sapphire substrates for light emitting diodes, crystals for solid state lasers, and optics for UV, visible and infrared transmission.
Seoul Precision Optics
Supplies optical filter coating, laser mirror, fiber optics, ito, fluoresence, antireflection, beamsplitter, gas sensor ,pyroelectric sensor applications.
StockerYale Inc
Developer and manufacturer of high-quality specialty optical fiber, optical networking components and specialized illumination systems.
Tandex Test Labs, Inc.
Custom packaging of hybrids, optoelectronics, fiber optics, SMT, monolithic, obsolete parts and custom ASICs.
Supplier of flashlamps, laser and optic components, service, software and technical support.
Specializing in several aspects that cater to the high tech community. From custom cable design to printed circuit board testing.
Manufacturing of non-contact optoelectronic measuring equipment for the glass industry. Germany based.
Wavesplitter Technologies Inc
Develops and manufactures DWDM, laser pumps, add/drop, fiber-optic couplers, isolators and other dense wavelength division multiplexer components.
Zolo Technologies
Manufacturer of instruments for environment measurement that employ multiplexed tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy.
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