The concept of a personal Creator who remains interested in the creatures He has made is a fundamental concept of theism and Christianity in particular.

This category is for sites with content that examines the issue of origins from the framework of a world view that includes a Creator, as opposed to the evolutionist/naturalist view that our present world and all that is in it evolved by chance and natural selection through billions of years.

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Theology of Creation - Evolutionary, Progressive, and Young-Earth
A survey of different methods of creation with many links to other articles.
Beliefs About Origins
A survey of beliefs about origins of life, the Earth and the rest of the universe, including the theory of evolution and creation science.
Can Creation and Evolution Both Be Right?
A seminar handout with material on young earth creationism, progressive creation and evolving creationism.
Creation and Evolution: What Should We Teach?
A short survey of the continuum of ideas from the flat-earth to material evolution.
The Creation/Evolution Continuum
Site by the National Center for Science Education that presents a continuum with creationism at one end and evolution at the other.
A Wikipedia survey of different beliefs about creationism, the belief that all humanity, life, the Earth and the universe as a whole was created by a supreme being.
A short survey of young-earth creationism, flood geology, creation science, progressive creationism and theistic evolution
Creationism Divided
A survey of young earth creation, progressive creation, intelligent design and theistic evolution with links to both supporting and opposing pages.
Evolution Creation Debate
Explores all sides of the continuing debate on the origin of life.
In the Beginning: Science, Scripture, and God's Creation
A survey from scientific creationism to theistic evolution and a separate discussion about different interpretations of Scripture to support these different views.
Intelligent Design in Science?
This site is primarily about intelligent design, but compares it with young-earth creation, progressive creation and theistic evolution. There are some good links to sites with other points of view.
Reconciling Creation and Science
Introduction to different ways of interpreting Genesis 1 and reconciling the Biblical creation story with science.
Science and Nature in Christian Perspective
Notes from a class taught on the topic by Dr. Allan H. Harvey.
Three Christian Views of Creation
A site presenting information about young earth creation, progressive creation and evolving creation (also called theistic evolution.)
What is Creationism?
Brief descriptions of the different varieties of creationism, both Bible-based and otherwise, with examples of notable proponents.
Who Believes What?
A set of links to sites for both old earth and young earth organizations and net resources.
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